Private Jets

Citation Sovereign Jet (ZK-RXD)

A high-performance, mid-size business jet, the Cessna Citation Sovereign is ideal for transcontinental travel.

Boasting the largest external baggage compartment in its class, the Sovereign has a fully stand-up cabin and lots of room to accommodate up to nine passengers. With its short take-off capability and incredible performance this aircraft merges superior overall performance. 


Aircraft: Citation Sovereign Jet

Seating Capacity: 9

YOM: 2008

Power Plant: Two 5690Ib Pratt & Whitney Canada PW-360C turbofans

Cabin Length: 7.70m (25'33")

Cabin Height: 1.73m (5’7”)

Max Range: 5, 273km (2, 850nm)

Cruise Speed: 832kmh (450kts)

Maximum Operational Altitude: 14,000m (47,000ft) 

Crew: 2 Pilots


Nextant 400XT Jet (ZK-NXJ)

The Nextant 400XT Jet offers exceptional passenger comfort with excellent range and speed.

It has all the benefits of a new modern aircraft, proven to be fast and efficient with low operating costs, making it an affordable option for private hire.

The elegant interior of the Nextant with the finest hardwoods, laminates, leathers and fabrics has a luxurious feel, it is spacious with generous legroom, and is the quietest cabin in its class.

This revolutionary light jet features newest generation Williams FJ44-3AP engines for demonstrated performance.

It can comfortably seat up to 7 passengers with baggage.



Aircraft: Nextant 400XT Jet (re-engineered from the original frame of the Hawker/Beechjet 400A)

Seating Capacity: 7

YOM: 2014

Power Plant: Williams FJ44-3AP FADEC engines and Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 avionics

Cabin Length: 4.72m (15’6”)

Cabin Height: 1.43m (4’9”)

Max Range: 5, 214km (2, 003nm)

Cruise Speed: 777kmh (483mph)

Maximum Operational Altitude: 13, 716m (45, 000ft)

Crew: 2 Pilots


Mustang 510 JET (ZK-YDZ) 

The Cessna Citation Mustang sets the standard in very light jets, and was the first light jet certified by the Civil Aviation Authority.

It is remarkably versatile, and the aerodynamic design and advanced technology enables impressive performance at affordable cost. It allows for access to smaller regional airports, and has the ability to cruise over the weather. 

The interior of the Mustang is well designed and spacious, with luxury leather seating in club formation, and multizone climate control allows optimal passenger and crew comfort.

The Mustang can comfortably seat 4 passengers with luggage.



Aircraft: Cessna Citation Mustang

Seating Capacity:  4

YOM: 2008

Power plant: 2 × Pratt & Whitney Canada PW615F turbofan engines

Cabin Length: 2.99m (9’10”)

Cabin Height: 1.37m (4’6”)

Max range: 2, 161km (1, 166nm)

Cruise Speed: 630km/h (340kts)

Maximum Operational Altitude: 12, 497m (41, 000ft)

Crew: Single pilot operation, safety pilot can be arranged as requested