The New Zealand Air Ambulance Service

Skyline Aviation is the operator of The New Zealand Air Ambulance Service based in Auckland, New Zealand.

The New Zealand Air Ambulance Service (NZAAS) is based at Auckland International Airport. NZAAS employ flight teams specialising in critical care with a 365-day roster providing intensive care teams or flight nurse only support, available for all District Health Boards and assistance company clients requiring patient transport services.

We are New Zealand’s only fully accredited international jet service retrieving critically ill patients throughout the South Pacific and Asia using our Nextant 400XT Jet.

Our scope of services includes ECMO, PICU, NICU and Adult Critical Care.

Our 24/7 Mission Coordination Centre ensures smooth execution of outstanding bed-to-bed patient care.

For further information, view our video of the team in action 

Skyline Aviation and The New Zealand Air Ambulance Service are very proud to provide the Starship National Air Ambulance service for New Zealand. See the coverage of the launch of the aircraft here link.

For further information about NZAAS refer to their website