Fixed Wing

All our aircraft are equipped with Global Position Systems and full 'suite' of up to date avionics and navigational aids.

Nextant 400XT Jet (ZK - NXJ)

The pride of our fleet, capable of flying over 2000nm non-stop at 430 knots. This leading class seven-million-dollar light jet features new generation Williams FJ44-3AP engines and the latest aviation technology, providing outstanding performance and fuel efficiency.

Provisioned with the highest level of avionics equipment enabling compliant operation to all South Pacific destinations including those operating to European aviation standards.

In medical configuration the Nextant is equipped with a single Lifeport Stretcher system and provides an extremely reliable and efficient lifesaving service for patients throughout New Zealand and the South Pacific.

In charter configuration the Nextant seats up to 7 passengers in luxury. This aircraft offers a superior travel experience for discerning customers, with greater comfort and baggage space than other light jets.

We are committed to providing a premium air travel experience for our clients to destinations throughout New Zealand, the South Pacific and Australia. 

Mustang 510 JET (ZK - YDZ)

The Mustang provides the ultimate in cost effective and super-fast (340 knots) air ambulance service for our domestic operations. This extraordinarily capable jet aircraft can take off and land from many of New Zealand’s shorter runways.
We can safely and comfortably fly above the weather at 21,000ft while maintaining a sea level cabin pressure! When time is critical and cost containment an important consideration the Mustang slashes travel times by as much as 35% from turbo prop aircraft and at a comparable price.

We are again leading the sector in New Zealand with the introduction of this superb latest technology jet aircraft.

Beechcraft King Air B200C (ZK - PLK)

Skyline Beechcraft

The King Air B200 is equipped with two Lifeport Stretcher systems capable of flying two intensive care patients non-stop to any destination in New Zealand and the Chatham Islands. It has a wide cargo door and lifting devices enabling assistance with transport of larger stretchered and seated patients.

In corporate charter configuration, up to six passengers can be accommodated in luxury.

The aircraft is pressurised and can maintain a sea level cabin pressure up to 16,000ft, flying at approximately 250 knots. This aircraft is flown in one pilot configuration (2 on request).

The King Air B200 offers an unmatched combination of comfort, speed and value. Due to its small airfield capabilities, airport options are increased which allows better access to requested destinations.

Beechcraft King Air C90 (ZK - ZZA)

Skyline Beechcraft

The King Air C90 is fitted with a single Lifeport stretcher system and is capable of carrying a full medical team. The C90 is the most cost effective in the King Air fleet but still brings with it all the features of the larger variants.

In charter configuration the aircraft carries up to six passengers with hand luggage (It will comfortably carry four passengers with international luggage).

It is capable of flying from Auckland to the furthermost point of the South Island, before it requires refuelling, making any destination within New Zealand an available option. 

These luxuriously appointed aircraft create a quiet, comfortable atmosphere within the cabin

Pressurized cabin; can fly above most turbulent weather

Piper Navajo

Piper Navajo

The smallest of our fleet but an important aircraft for transporting less critical patients not requiring a pressurised cabin and where there is a need for a lower cost option.

Again a single stretcher is provided for, together with the capability to carry a full clinical team or up to five seated passengers in charter configuration.